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Rotary Leaders Endorse MSNI

Hundreds of shipping containers worth millions of dollars of medical equipment have been sent from MSNI to other countries.


This page has statements from top Rotary International leaders.


 Also find excerpts from a few letters received from those who have put these medical supply shipments to direct use.

Rotarian Troy Chesnut, PP in D5730 Odessa Texas reports: I have received four 40-foot containers in my Sierra Leone West Africa and Kampala, Uganda East Africa projects.  I have been pleased with everything we received and you help by my calculations, over 1,000,000 people each year. So let me thank on behalf of all the Africans that will never know you and all the tireless Rotarians that donate the funds and gather the supplies that makes your project possible. Truly, as Rotary was intended.

   Rotarian Stanley Togikawa from 

   Rotary District 5000 writes: My

   Shiraki  Memorial Foundation has

   partnered with MSNI for over 15

   years in sending over 40 sea

   containers of medical supplies and

   pre-owned medical equipment as humanitarian aid primarily to South East Asia countries. The items sent have been in excellent condition and we appreciate that the equipment is received at no cost to them!

Dr. Diane Dickinson, Exec. Dir. of Shepherd’s Cross Inc. writes: We are so grateful for the supplies provided. They are tremendous assistance to our organization, and will help untold numbers of people groups locally and world wide. On behalf of the Board of Directors we want to extend a heart felt thank you to MSNI. May the Lord richly bless the work of your hands.

Past President, Gail Dusa, wrote:  Remember the Midas Rex Brain surgery drills MSNI shipped to Belize in 2009?  I know of two people personally that recently had Brain Surgery with those drills in the KHMH Hospital in Belize City.  MSNI is the most significant Rotary Project I am aware of. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Rotarian PP Sheree Fukai of San Ignacio Rotary states: “I would like to personally thank you and District 6110 for the wonderful equipment that has been shipped to Belize through MSNI.  Every Rotarian in your District should hold their head proud in knowing that they have helped to save lives on a daily Basis.”

Irving “Sonny” Brown, Rotary International Director 95-97 says:  I am pleased and very proud to offer congratulations to your MSNI team that continues to truly make a difference and has provided a  far greater service than

was originally dreamed.  Having seen

MSNI myself, I can say your program is

one of a kind.

Cliff Dochtorman, Past Rotary International President visited MSNI and told us he has never seen such a significant project in all his travels all over the world.


He was so excited with what MSNI was doing that he wanted to assist in starting a new 501-C-(3) organization, Humanitarian Aid Resources and Transportation (HART).  He gave a  Special Initiatives Grant of $30,000 donation to HART to database all the Air, Land, and Water transportation resources in the US and Canada so he could spread the word as he continued his travels.

Frank Talk Books

Frank Devlyn, Past Rotary International President visited MSNI in 2006. This excerpt is
from a recent letter is dated September 2015...


"I am happy to recommend the good work carried of by Medical Supplies Network, Inc. 
(MSNI), which has given an untold amount of medical equipment to developing countries via their alliance with Rotary Clubs Of District 6110 in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas.


MSNI has made sure that all medical equipment & supplies sent to these developing
countries is in good working condition. Thousands of lives have been benefitted thanks to
this outstanding Rotary / MSNI project.


I compliment all concerned with this Rotary / MSNI ongoing humanitarian project spreading most needed Goodwill among all the countries involved.    Continue doing your good work for humanity where you have helped Rotary to shine.  Truly, since MSNI started, it has been a great example of our Theme this year, Be a Gift to the World."  Frank J. Devlyn • President 2000-2001, Rotary International


FrankTalk Books... A few years back Frank Devlyn wrote five books that promoted Rotary leadership. More than 300,000 books in the Frank Talk series have since been sold, in 9 languages—with all the proceeds going to The Rotary Foundation. Frank has gifted the digital version of all the books to MSNI.


You can download a FREE version of his first book. Learn more by going to 

ROTARY DISTRICT 6110 (MSNI) MEDICAL SUPPLIES NETWORK, INC. • 1123 S Erie • Tulsa, OK 74112-5307 • USA • 918-639-1492