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ROTARY DISTRICT 6110 (MSNI) MEDICAL SUPPLIES NETWORK, INC. • 1123 S Erie • Tulsa, OK 74112-5307 • USA • 918-639-1492




To learn how to sign up for this program

This is a great way to honor someone with a meaningful gift of international significance. Your donations help cover the cost of receiving, sorting, warehousing, and local deliveries of these goods. 


Also, consider an $87 per month gift which covers the annual Ambassador membership and offsets some of the bank cost. This method is often easier to budget and helps MSNI with their ongoing cost.

MSNI is a 501 (c)(3) organization, and your donation is tax-deductible.

MSNI Ambassador Society Members contribute $1,000 annually to MSNI. This annual support allows MSNI to stay on course in delivering medical equipment and supplies locally and throughout the world. You may also designate a family member or an organization as an MSNI Ambassador with a $1,000 gift. 

You can help MSNI achieve its goals in several different ways.

FIRST, if your church or organization would like a speaker

for a meeting, email the operations director.

We are always ready to talk about MSNI.


Next, consider becoming an MSNI Ambassador Society Member

Want to help $$$$

Mail donation checks to 


1123 S Erie Ave

Tulsa, OK 74112-5307


Or better yet, consider

becoming an 

MSNI Ambassador 

Society Member


Service Fundays

are a great time to introduce

your family to the concept of

"Service Above Self"

As of Dec 2022, MSNI has shipped 282 containers to 47 different countries. The dollar estimate is $10 per lb. If each container averages 9500 lbs the estimated value @ $10 lb over the years would be $27,000,000.00

Email to claim the best date for  your club's warehouse Service Saturday. Small clubs often team up with other clubs to meet their quarterly obligation.

Read Tulsa World's, April 12, 2024,  Front Page MSNI Story

Download an MSNI PDF flyer you can print and distribute

2024 MSNI
Rotary Grant Video


Medical Supply Network, Inc. (MSNI)The story, history & mission.     (4min. 15sec)

Each Saturday’s mixed group of volunteers includes Rotarians, non-Rotarians, spouses, their children, and friends. Realizing that volun-teering in the warehouse

is not for everyone, another way to help is by financial donations to MSNI.

Locally, we provide individuals and service groups in our district FREE access to our inventory for whatever their needs may be.

Medical Supplies Network, Inc. (MSNI) is a Rotary District 6110 project that depends on 10-12 volunteers each week to sort, inventory, and pack these donated medical supplies for shipping.

Each month approximately 9,500 pounds of medical equipment and supplies are shipped from our Tulsa warehouse to a developing nation somewhere in the world.

ROTARY DISTRICT 6110 (MSNI) MEDICAL SUPPLIES NETWORK, INC. • 1123 S Erie • Tulsa, OK 74112-5307 • USA • 918-639-1492




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