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MSNI Specializes in Disaster Relief

received approximately $107,000.00 for Haitian relief.

Once we are assured that we are able to provide drinking water, the additional funds will be used to provide a long-term care facility. MSNI is currently looking for partners in this effort.On the 27th of February, Larry Biron – director of MSNI attended a conference in Miami Florida to discuss the long term needs of the Haitians who were affected by the recent earthquake. One of the Rotarians attending was Caleb Lucien, a Rotarian from Haiti who has a ministry in Pignon.

The Rotarians from Haiti feel that a rehabilitation center is needed to serve the needs of the many amputees. Because of the earthquake and the lack of emergency medical care infrastructure, the best way to help people was to amputate, and there are now many people who need rehabilitation.

MSNI is currently searching for a partner to cosponsor a rehabilitation center. In addition MSNI is currently meeting with specialists in the rehabilitation area to determine the best use of the facility as well as equipping the facility properly for the rehabilitation of amputees.

Once the initial facility is set up MSNI will participate with organizing and working on getting the equipment necessary for the building of prosthesis. This is a skill that can be taught to the Haitians and will provide long term employment as well as serving a continuing need.

Trip to Samoa


Director of Operations Larry Biron traveled to Western Samoa in December and participated in the delivery of a 40-foot container to the government hospital. This shipment was made in order to replenish needed supplies to tsunami-affected villages. This tsunami affected five villages, and the loss of life was estimated to be 350 people.

Haiti Relief Response

– January 12, 2010


On January 12, Haiti was affected by an earthquake that caused tremendous loss of life and destruction. On Wednesday, January 13th, MSNI responded by sending the first shipment of waterboxes. The content of these boxes was enough to purify 20,000 16-ounce bottles of water.


   An additional shipment of waterboxes 

   was sent approximately one week later

   giving the recipients the ability to purify

   more than 1 million 16-ounce bottles of

   water. We then sent a container of

   special supplies and equipment to deal

   with the immediate medical needs.


The value of this container was approximately $60,000.00. The cost of the waterboxes was more than $31,000.00. To date, MSNI has

ROTARY DISTRICT 6110 (MSNI) MEDICAL SUPPLIES NETWORK, INC. • 1123 S Erie • Tulsa, OK 74112-5307 • USA • 918-639-1492